BH-600A Fluid/Blood Warmer

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The Beaconn Medical BH-600A Fluid/Blood warmer is a small yet versatile warmer with pole clamp and a convenient hanging point at the top for a webbing strap, and operated by an external power adapter. It has the temperature range of 35 to 42 degrees centigrade and can be used standalone or with an optional heating tube the BH-600AT which allows heating right up to the patient position. Temperature monitoring alarms are built-in both in the BH-600A itself and when the heating tube is plugged in there are additional temperature monitoring point along the tubing length. If a temperature alarm activates the unit stops heating and indicates the alarm state. Turning on the unit is merely done by plugging it the power adapter connector or removing the connector.

For a video showing how to use the unit please click on this Youtube video link

Optional Heating Tube

BH-600A Fluid/Blood Warmer