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Letter from Carefusion

For information from Carefusion on the end of life of the above mentioned equipment and others in their product range click on the button for a letter from them

If you have a Imed Gemini PC1 or PC2 Infusion Pump, parts support by the manufacturer has ended. Delivery sets are still available as they are used in the Alaris product range.

As parts are no longer available and most Vets use ex-hospital equipment the age of this equipment means the ability to service is becomng near non-existent, although Terco Electronics has over 30 years of experience with servicing these pumps. Terco Electronics also has a number of ex-hospital pumps that are in varying states of repair so some parts may be available.

Old Ivac 591 and 597 Infusion Pumps have not been supported for many years and due to their reliability over the years still operate in a number of practices. Expertise is still available should repairs be at a low enough level.

Most users are not aware that equipment that has a battery in it can actually cause major damage to the equipment, depending on the design, if the battery has not been replaced on a regular basis. Experience shows that battery life of 3 to 4 years is a good period before replacement, although if carefully treated can last for many years. Always leave on charge when not being used is the motto.


The best method is to manage your equipment and look to a serviceable life of 7 to 8 years for most items and budget accordingly for its replacement. Buying secondhand gets secondhand history and life.

Terco Electronics has an answer with the Huaxi HX801D infusion pump. Sourced with the above in mind and with a view to service life. See the Products page to see what this pump can mean for your practice, and have it programmed for the sets you use.

Warning to all Vets - do not use a giving set, delivery set, or administration set which is labelled "For gravity feed infusion" or words to that effect in a pump that uses forced delivery such as peristalic pumps. They will not work in an infusion pump as the tubing distorts really badly and the rate delivered over time changes vastly. Also the actual rate can counter the settings of the pump that it has been calibrated for. You are advised to consult with the supplier to ensure you will not over or under infuse your animals.


Information updated 19th December 2016