HX-801D Volumetric Infusion Pump

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The HX-801D Volumetric Infusion Pump can be programmed to accept a large range of standard infusion delivery sets. Once the drops per mL burette size has been selected a rate run is performed and the percentage difference between the rate used and the rate delivered is programmed as an offset into the pump. Once the delivery set has been selected accurate delivery is achieved. This low cost unit comes complete with integral pole mount and is very light weight allowing a range of poles to be used. Examples of delivery sets able to be used and sourced locally are the delivery sets used with the Niki V4 and the VIP2000 from Caeserea Medical Electronics or the Baxter sets and available from SVS "Veterinary Supplies" Ltd. This pump is functionally equivalent to the Alaris Gemini PC-1 Infusion Pump but does not require a dedicated set.

HX-801D Brochure

Only $848 plus GST and freight