Axminster Electronics Ltd

AE010M2 Apnoea Monitor

The Axminster Electronics Ltd Apnoea Monitor Model AE010M2. No longer produced but the manufacturer is very happy to supply parts to maintain current units and Terco Electronics is able to provide this for existing customers. Terco Electronics does have two brand new units in stock but available based on the above information about manufacture. The original pad is no longer available but the larger one for the AE3000 unit can be used.


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Two only of the AE010M2 available from Terco Electronics useful as a working unit or as spare parts. No warranty offered.

The above sensor pads are examples of the ones used with the AE010 monitor and the AE3000 monitor. The AE-020-S above is no longer available apart from two with the monitors available from Terco Electronics as mentioned above. The one on the right is the available unit the AE-030-S which is used on the AE3000 monitor but also compatible with the AE010 monitor.